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Comment on Drayton Bird’s blog: Did I ever tell you about the time I was asked to join a BBC committee all about the future? It was all about predicting what was going to happen in the 21st century. Total wankfest, as you’d imagine. One meeting was enough. What a shame they’re increasing the TBQ … Continued

How to Make Direct Marketing Work for Your Law Firm

How to Make Direct Marketing Work for Your Law Firm by Drayton Bird Published by Ark Group I have a minor contribution to this project and have an acknowledgement: “Crispin White for trying, but failing, to make the results more intellectually respectable”

Sunday Times article: Is there anyone out there?

Bosses of virtual teams need to make time to keep everyone in the loop to ensure that the creation of mutual trust is still a priority. Crispin White interviewed in this Sunday Times article.

The real cost of inefficiency at work

Inefficient working practice is costing companies around £80 billion a year according to a recent report by Proudfoot. The report ranked the UK fourth for productivity with The Netherlands most efficient. The top causes of inefficient working are: Inadequate supervision of workforce (31% of all wasted time) Poor planning of work (30% of all time … Continued

Poor management ‘costing Wales billions’

A key way to enhance efficiency, Proudfoot director Crispin White said, is to focus attention on the skills and morale of frontline supervisors, “These are the people who probably get the least management input and are told the least, but they are the ones who are in control and know what is going on,” he … Continued

Making a meal of efficiency

This is from the Daily Telegraph Making a meal of efficiency Short of time? Apparently we can save an extra hour every day by sharpening our daily routines. Consultants from the Bavarian Economic Efficiency Foundation (no, it’s not a joke) and Proudfoot studied how 100 people dressed, washed and ate. Crispin White of Proudfoot says: … Continued