The real cost of inefficiency at work

Inefficient working practice is costing companies around £80 billion a year according to a recent report by Proudfoot. The report ranked the UK fourth for productivity with The Netherlands most efficient. The top causes of inefficient working are:

  • Inadequate supervision of workforce (31% of all wasted time)
  • Poor planning of work (30% of all time wasted)
  • Poor communication (18%).

Other causes include IT problems, low morale and inadequate skills to do the job.

Proudfoot Director Crispin White has suggested that the best way to battle this trend is to focus attention on the skills and attitude of direct supervisors, ‘These are the people who probably get the least management input and are told the least, but they are the ones who are in control and know what is going on,’ he said.  ‘If they are more productive, their teams will be more productive and morale goes up.


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