cm3-255x255Programme design

Once the marketing strategy is set developing the plan and making it happen is critical. Focusing on realistic implementation to ensure expectations are met is key. Marketing is not an instant hit like a sales campaign, although this can be part of the overall marketing programme design. We work with you to ensure that the plan is within the scope of the budget and resources available.


Get it done!

We have always been happy to make marketing happen. Here is just some of what we have done:

  • Networking and sales events.  We designed and ran a launch event, including writing all invitations, bought the drinks, managed the serving staff and handed out name tags.
  • Successful marketing campaigns.  Research, designed, wrote, printed, stuffed, stamped and posted a mailshot.
  • Cleaned a list of prospects by picking up the phone and checking every name.


An understanding of the core brand message and the audience is the start of any communication strategy. Internal communications are as important as investor relations, marketing and public relations. We ensure that your core messages are being delivered to all constituents.

Public relations

The traditional media world is changing fast and new ways of getting the message out have to be used. The press briefing and exclusive or general release still work with the most newsworthy stories, but if there is too much competition then there are other places to be published that can have a great effect.

Sales Campaigns

Sales campaigns involve:

  • Direct response advertising
  • Direct mail
  • Email marketing
  • Tele-marketing and Tele-sales campaigns

All designed to deliver qualified leads or direct sales.

Website Optimisation

What is the purpose of your website? Once you are clear about what you expect to achieve with your site you can start looking at how to optimise it to achieve your goals.

Do you need to drive traffic, build a list, generate enquiries, conduct research, sell product, sell subscriptions or services? We employ different techniques to get the best results.

LexisLibrary LetterEmail, Newsletter and Content Marketing

The same direct marketing principles apply, but the execution is different.

  • Do you use HTML email or plain text?
  • Long copy v short copy?
  • Sell from the email or drive traffic to the site to sell?
  • When do you use “content” versus sales messages?
  • How and when to integrate with offline campaigns?

We have used all of the above techniques and many more and know which one to test first. The theme of all marketing should be test, test, test, test. The internet allows this to be done much more quickly than offline.

Social Marketing

Leading techniques on the internet can have a dramatic impact on your business today.

There are more searches now done on YouTube than on Google each day. The age group is surprising – large percentages are over 35. And often a key demographic for business marketing. We have experience of doing this work and working with some of the leaders in this field.

We have experience in using all the latest technology, gadets and gizmos to generate traffic for your site using Mobile Aps, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Scribd, Digg, Ping.FM, YouTube.

We know about list building and landing page optimisation. How to convert a visit to an enquiry.

The internet allows quick testing of approaches and so an optimum strategy can be reached quickly.