Role: Campaign design and delivery
Creating a coherent story to help the sales team sell more by packaging services and products

The brief

As part of a strategy to even out sales across the year a legal publisher needed to increase sales during Q3.

The approach

In a recessionary market it was very hard for the sales people to justify the annual uplift in the subscription. A review across all the available products and services identified some opportunities to bundle services together to create an increase in perceived value, whilst minimising the pressure on margins.  By creating a meaningful reason to put the products and services together it was possible to construct a credible story for the account teams to work with.  Instead of different teams trying sell to the same buyers one account manager could spend more time with each client and sell more with an increased margin.

A campaign was designed and implemented using direct mail, email, websites, sales training and pricing strategy.


The sales for the Q3 period were double that of the previous year and half of that was new business. The other half pulled renewals from Q4 into Q3 and so helped spread the load across the sales year.

An unanticipated benefit was that clients were happier that they only had one sales visit instead of four or five.