Jargon is Jibberish

That headline is a quote is from Alan Alda.  He has a goal of making science accessible to everyone find more. I work with many people on how to present ideas more effectively to help them sell more.  Some work in jargon rich environments [companies?] which are all complicated and special.  Usually, someone will say, ‘But we have to … Continued

Is it a no-no to end a sentence with the word “of”?

A nice discussion on Quora: The short answer is that it is ok if the sentence makes sense. Write like you speak. Some of the comments I enjoyed are below: It is not unheard of. Winston Churchill, reprimanded by his editor for ending a sentence with a preposition, put it best: “This is the sort … Continued

Well-Being index from Gallup

Gallup and Healthways have developed a comprehensive, definitive source of well-being measurement, the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being 5. This scientific survey instrument and reporting experience measures, tracks and reports on the well-being of individuals and organizations. The five essential elements of well-being are: Purpose: liking what you do each day and being motivated to achieve your goals … Continued

Words that sell

Interesting info-graphic John Caples book Tested Advertising Methods talks in detail about how words work as well.

Brown’s Job

by Robley Feland – 1920 Brown is gone, and many men in the trade are wondering who is going to get Brown’s job. There has been considerable speculation about this. Brown’s job was reputed to be a good job. Brown’s former employers, wise, grey-eyed men, have had to sit still and repress amazement, as they … Continued

Award winning work

Very pleased that my work with Cornerstone Barrristers is now award winning in the category of Best Rebrand of a Professional Services Firm at the Transform Awards last night. Cornerstone Barristers news story here in full. Last night, 19th March, Cornerstone Barristers’ excellence in rebranding was honoured at Communicate magazine’s Transform Awards 2013 held at The … Continued

Cornerstone Barristers Case Study

Crispin recently finished an eight month assignment at Cornerstone Barristers. Executive Grapevine magazine published this case study: Executive Grapevine magazine Cornerstone Barristers