Weather Experience

Comment on Drayton Bird’s blog:

Did I ever tell you about the time I was asked to join a BBC committee all about the future?

It was all about predicting what was going to happen in the 21st century. Total wankfest, as you’d imagine. One meeting was enough. What a shame they’re increasing the TBQ (Total Bollocks Content) and cutting back on the things that make them good – like the World Service.

A perfect example of what’s gone wrong in Broadcasting House is on their weather website, brought to my attention with a groan of despair by Crispin White. “We’re building a new weather experience for you”. WTF???? Are they going to arrange a heatwave on New Year’s Day? No: just a new way to show the bloody weather forecast. Are they hiring failed ad copywriters to churn out this tawdry stuff?
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