Just created this for BIE Interim Executive

I just created this to give a different way of explaining interim management.

Can you help me?  Please let me know what you think of this.

[slideshare id=5096349&doc=bieinterimexecutive-100831075808-phpapp01]

4 responses to “Just created this for BIE Interim Executive

  1. I’ve had a second look Crispin. The tone is refreshingly chatty and unstuffy. But maybe change those all-caps sentences to proper sentence case style, if it’s not too late? Small point perhaps, but I understand there are good reasons we prefer to read sentences written this way – e.g. it’s much easier for the eye to read and helps comprehension.

  2. Like the messages and the way they are simply and powerfully put. I wonder if it might work even better as a series of, say, 5 ten slide stories each of which tackles a different aspect of ‘Why use Interim Management?’

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