Story telling makes a difference

Remember the Gold Blend coffee adverts or the recent BT flat share adverts.  Stories work. Professor Richard Boyatzis of Case Western Reserve University has done fMRI studies that show the rational part of the brain cannot work at the same time as the emotional and decision making part of the brain.  And so if you … Continued

Using stock images devalues your brand – don’t do it

Another great article on using stock photography. Some clients don’t often see the value in commissioning photography. They just know that they are disappointed by poor photographs and so think they will save money using stock images.  That is much worse.  It says so much about your brand. This is a good article and worth reading, … Continued

39 copywriting lessons in 18 minutes

I have know Drayton Bird too long.  He does occasional videos where he analyses copy and I always learn something.  This is a good one. Here’s 39 proven ways to improve your emails

Howard Luck Gossage – the ‘mad man’ who changed the world

When you think of advertising’s greats the faces of David Ogilvy, Bill Bernbach and Leo Burnett gaze imperiously from the industry’s Mount Rushmore. Few can doubt their right to be there. For example, Christiana Stergiou’s appraisal of David Ogilvy’s career for The Great and Good was appropriately titled: ‘The father of advertising’. But now I’d like … Continued

Better results from different fonts – proper research

Misleading headline from Bloomberg, but the content is very useful. When screen fonts were first designed they had to deal with low resolution screens.  Now we have good screens our choice of font can make our copy more readable. Now I have to call my web-designer to change the font on my site.   Your … Continued

Creative Critics from Tom Fishburne

This feedback idea from The Writer really helps: Content – have we covered all the points Structure – is it is an order that makes sense to the reader Tone – does it match how we want to sound At the very least it forces a structured conversation. Full article from Tom Fishburne is below … Continued

What my dog taught me about your marketing

Drayton Bird sent out an email to drum up business.  It was written by one of his team and in this video Drayton analyses the email and why it is successful. There are lots of lessons here that are useful to learn. Watch me dissect the dog in 8m 27s

Sticky notes work – so much more personal

I tested a sticky note on a campaign a few years ago and it worked. <a href="http://www.chiswickmarketing zovirax”> HMRC tested handwriting on envelopes for persistent late payers. For every £1 spent they collected £2,000 of tax on time.  Even with today’s low interest rates that is a great return. Now some research that looks … Continued

How work is changing and other useful trends

Every year, Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers puts together a massive presentation about the state of the web. In the report, she usually nails the biggest trends happening in digital as well as identifying the most important up-and-coming startups. The former analyst and venture capitalist just released her report for 2015.  Published … Continued