The power of local eco projects

Another riveting TED talk on the value of local projects – to the bottom line, to the environment, to build skills.

The golden age of jargon is over – or is it? “low hanging fruit” is still popular

RT @yaniksilver: Must-read blog: – I’ll be interviewing Andy next Tue on the power of surprise!…

How to get what you want….

I’ve been writing some emails on behalf of a client and thought I should start sharing these gems via the blog. So here goes my first one… Have you ever thought about the best way to get what you want? How is it that others around you seem to get what they want and you … Continued

Safe drinking water for all

I had heard about this invention, but seeing it in action is great. Will governments and NGOs have the political will to look at this invention. There are lots of vested interests to stop this happening. This was shown at the TED conference in Oxford earlier this year.¬† They have some inspiring speakers. [ted id=”613″]