Reference Books and Websites

Yellow and green treesTED – riveting talks by remarkable people.  Originally from California this website has interesting, insightful and different talks by extra-ordinary people.

Re-Imagine by Tom Peters,

The ‘uber-guru’ has found feminism in his later years and highlights the billions of pounds businesses miss out on by failing to target women as consumers.

The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

A good read with lots of interesting ideas about becoming more efficient and productive.  Four hours is a distant goal for us!


Human Resource-Related Research

Tall yellow tree by lakeHewitt – This website has some really useful information including a resource library and useful links to other HR related websites.

The Hay Group – Like Hewitt’s website, Hay’s is full of well researched, quotable articles – Log on as a free member and receive weekly newsletters (loved the article on how Homestore got rid of their Performance Appraisal system) and invites to webcasts (watch out for US time zones)

The Chartered Insititute of Personnel Development – Great, easy to download fact sheets.