One late summer evening, two copywriters sat down…

… at their keyboards to craft sales letters for almost identical products.

They were very much alike, these two copywriters.

Both had years of experience writing every type of ad and were dynamos at selling to their core markets.

Both writers were also dedicated students of direct response marketing and were up on the latest trends and techniques for making their clients (and themselves) ever larger profits.

But while one writer spent an entire week on writing and edits, his leisure-loving colleague cranked his final draft out within hours of sitting down that first evening.

And here’s the capper.

The ad that was written in mere hours buried the week-long effort by many multiples.

The above is taken from Lawrence Berstein’s blog.  You can read the rest here. It tells the story of the greatest direct mail letter of all time and how it came to be.

It reminds me of the very famous quote that Murray Raphel once said something I have never forgotten: “Search the world and steal the best”.