Words that sell

Interesting info-graphic John Caples book Tested Advertising Methods talks in detail about how words work as well.

Investing in the arts via crowdfunding

There are lots of different models popping up all over the internet to allow people to invest small amounts of money.  Zopa, Kiva, Lending Club are all about lending money. JustGiving is about donations. Kickstarter and Profunder are about donations with no expectation of a return, although at some point you might get a share … Continued

Who uses Facebook, Twitter and Linked In

This is interesting. It occured to me that if you’re trying to attract or sell to High Net Worth Individuals social media doesn’t quite cut it at the moment. http://www.wearetechmap.com/wp-content/uploads/social-media-demographics9.png

A word of caution

The measure of an entrepreneur used to be the number of real friends claimed, but times have changed. Now the measure is how many hits one has on a Google name search, factored by some formula, like the sum of all positive messages minus 100 for every negative message. That’s the reason every good parent … Continued

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