Butterfly Conservation

Adonis Blue butterfly by Jim AsherWe support Butterfly Conservation as our chosen charity. We support them by providing pro bono marketing services.

Butterflies and moths are a lead indicator to the health of our environment. They are the first to die when conditions change for the worse and the first to arrive when the environment improves.

“Crispin White has facilitated an extremely helpful brand and marketing strategy workshop with Butterfly Conservation and has helped develop our approach to marketing. With his help, we are devising and testing new approaches and have already had some positive results.”

Dr Martin Warren, Chief Executive, Butterfly Conservation

About Butterfly Conservation

Peacock Butterfly by Jim AsherButterfly Conservation was formed by a small group of dedicated naturalists in 1968 following the alarming decline of many beautiful butterflies. Most British butterfly species remain in decline. We aim to halt and reverse these declines. Our vision is of a world rich in butterflies for future generations to enjoy.

We are also committed to the conservation of moths, which are close relatives of butterflies and are in rapid decline. Butterflies are beautiful and intrinsically valuable. Together with moths, their sensitivity to environmental change makes them valuable indicators of the health of the countryside. We have more than 12,000 members and 31 volunteer Branches throughout the British Isles. We employ over 50 people including many highly qualified scientists, making us the world’s largest research institute for butterflies and moths.

Our Chief Executive, Dr Martin Warren, has been praised for his work raising awareness of butterfly declines by BBC Wildlife magazine, which ranked him as one of the UK’s top 10 conservationists.

We operate 33 nature reserves and we are involved in 67 landscape-scale projects to conserve habitats.

Comma butterfly by Jim AsherWe have been rated one of the top environmental charities by the websiteIntelligent Giving.

Thanks to an £806,000 Heritage Lottery Fund grant, we launched the Moths Count project to address moth declines.

Please join Butterfly Conservation or make a donation.

Social Enterprise

Certified Social EnterpriseWe have signed up to the XL project and are a certified social enterprise.

This means that we donate 10% of our time each year to social and charitable work.